Hello there!

Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Rizi Xavier Timane. I am an actor, a singer and public speaker based in Los Angeles, California.

I love to sing and would describe my music as “fun and Inspirational” in the sense that I strive to write lyrics that uplift the mood and encourage people to persevere through the tough times in life. The instrumentals span across genres that include pop, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and hip hop. I guess it’s safe to say that my own harsh experiences and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles I have had to overcome have all certainly played a part in my musical direction. I've recorded 5 full albums to date and just completed 4 new singles; "Beautiful", "Feels good to free", "Let's make love" and "I dream of you" all from my new Ep.

As an actor, I enjoy comedy, Improv, drama and horror! I am signed up with the wonderful Levin Agency in Los Angeles and I continue to train with several great Hollywood teachers and acting coaches. I also produce my own indie projects from time to time.

When I'm not acting or singing, I work as a pre-licensed Psychotherapist (ACSW #60887) at the LA Gender Center.

On days off, I enjoy family life with my wife and our 3 pet babies ( a yorkie, a shitzu mix and a tabby cat).

Well, I hope you enjoy exploring my site and I look forward to hearing from you. 
Thanks and have a great day!

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